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USA made Holdup Suspenders so unique... They're Patented

Holdup Suspender Company is Providing Functional Fashion to the Suspender Industry as we expand our trademarked product lines.... based on our exclusive use of the Holdup Patented no-slip clips and the composite plastic Gripper Clasps.

Holdup Suspenders are made in the USA and we offer over 490 styles for men and women and kids.

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TAKING A HOLD: Sal Herman’s suspenders company has seen its ups and downs, but it’s going at a good clip now. Brace yourself: Did you have any idea that the largest manufacturer of patented USA suspenders, is in Southfield Michigan?

For that matter, did you have any idea that anybody cared about suspenders anymore? Well, Sal Herman does and so do the over 1/2 million loyal customers who seek out our brand of suspenders year after year for themselves and as gifts.. Sal Herman, founder of the Hold-Up Suspender Company, knows his product inside and out. We offer here over 300 styles of Hold-Up suspenders — featuring USA patented no-slip clips and now some models with the patented composite plastic Gripper Clasps.

We have a suspender models everyone... Teens, Bikers, Maternity, Toddlers and more... even medical hidden undergarment suspenders when belt cinching on a wounded stomach is out of the question. His latest brainchild is a super-soft pair made to be worn underneath one’s clothing, called Under-Ups. From western wear type leather suspenders to formal event satin finished dual clip Double-Ups and wider outdoorsman hunting suspenders Sal has the largest collection of styles and colors of USA patented clip-on suspenders. The unique appeal for Sal’s Holdup Suspender brand has to be his exclusive patented “no-slip” clips improving the functionality of clip-on suspenders over any other brand choices.

Shopping for a unique practical Holdup Suspender Company product just got easier as we strive to simplify searching and navigating our Holdup brand product line here at the Holdup Suspender Company Official Amazon web store. TIP: Use the top search box on every page for style and color choices and the pull down navigation links at top of page or side bar navigation to Holdup suspender style collections. Many of the most popular BLACK Holdup suspenders in various styles are now on Sale... View some ON SALE black suspenders!

Holdup Suspenders make a great fashion statement in office business attire, or adding a more comfortable way for those who just need to hold up their favorite pair of pants. Styles for men, women's, teens and now even toddlers and infants. Browse through the widest selection of USA patented, top quality clip-on suspenders on the internet - All Holdup Brand products feature our exclusive Patented no-slip clips and patented composite plastic Gripper Clasps in a variety of widths -colors & designer patterns. Also check out the specialty products using our Patented clips and Gripper Clasps like shirt stays called Stays-Downs designed to take out wrinkles and eliminate bulging shirts.. Then checkout the "Best Selling Sheet Straps" in the patented adjustable corner and crisscross fitted sheet straps to keep any size bed sheet firmly in place all night long regardless of how much you toss & turn..

All our products are Trademarked, and/or Patented. This site (Suspenders.com) is constantly being updated as we add new suspenders to our product catalog.... Download our latest > Holdup products paper catalog in a .PDF file.. click here!